Author abakker
Date 2007-06-14.12:05:52
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Running a re.findall() on 40 KB of HTML appears to hang python completely. It hogs the CPU (perhaps not unexpected) but other python threads do not continue and pressing Ctrl-C does not trigger a KeyboardInterrupt. Only a SIGQUIT (Ctrl-\) can kill it.

Attached is a small script to illustrate the problem, and the data file that causes it to hang. Using 40 KB of random data does let it get past the first findall. It creates a Thread that should printout hashes continuously, however, as soon as the MainThread hits the findall the printing stops.

Occurs on Python-2.4.4 (direct from and 2.5.1 (2.5.1-0ubuntu1 from Feisty)
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