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Date 2018-07-23.12:50:31
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I think I've got down to the determining factor. For info:

PYTHONHOME has nothing to do with it: the same thing happens if I cd into PCBuild\win32 and run python_d.exe directly

For historical reasons the directory in which I'm building (c:\work-in-progress) is actually a junction to c:\users\<me>\work-in-progress. There is some commentary in the API docs about traversing junctions, so presumably that's special-cased in some way which results in an uppercase drive letter.

If I rebuild in, eg, c:\temp which is a normal directory, I don't see the uppercase conversion. So, while I still need to fix the underlying test to be case-insensitive, it looks like the Mystery of the Uppercase Drive Letter is at least mostly solved.
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