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Date 2018-07-22.02:36:55
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Short back story - I am organizing music where "/" appears in a lot a metadata for the songs. For instance, the artist "AC/DC" or "ACDC w/ Axl Rose". On macOS, it is acceptable to name a folder "AC/DC" while the slash would cause an issue in Windows.

Issue - While using os.listdir to list a number of artist folders inside my iTunes music folder os.listdir replaced "/" with ":" IF the "/" appears in the name itself. It does not replace the slash delimiters. 

I have included a screen shot. On the right side of the image is an example directory I made with a few folders. Two of the folders have "/" in their names.  On the left side of the image is the Python shell showing the use of os.listdir along with the output. You'll notice that the listed directories don't include "/", but instead include ":".
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