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Author cnicodeme
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Date 2018-07-19.14:53:43
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I'm trying to parse some emails, and I discovered that email.utils.parseaddr wrongly parse an email.

Here's the corresponding header:

> From: =?utf-8?Q?

Once this has been parsed via `decode_header`, we obtain this value:

> From:ゆ↑ゆゃゅぇぺぽぼ"\どづぢlだばとくKLいれるゆ>KLらJF <>

(I agree, not really a nice looking From email ...)

Then, when this value is given to parseaddr, here's the result:

> ('', 'ゆ↑ゆゃゅぇぺぽぼ')

But it should be:

> ('ゆ↑ゆゃゅぇぺぽぼ"\どづぢlだばとくKLいれるゆ>KLらJF', '')

(Note that the email in the "name" part is not the same as the email in the "email" part!)
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