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Author deep42thought
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Date 2018-07-11.13:03:42
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building python 2.7.15 on archlinux32 from source succeeds, but running the testsuite segfaults with:

test_writelines (idlelib.idle_test.test_io.PseudeOutputFilesTest) ... /usr/bin/xvfb-run: line 181:  3617 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) DISPLAY=:$SERVERNUM XAUTHORITY=$AUTHFILE "$@" 2>&1

the executed commands are:

  cd Python-${pkgver}

  # Temporary workaround for FS#22322
  # See for upstream report
  sed -i "/progname =/s/python/python${_pybasever}/" Python/pythonrun.c

  # Enable built-in SQLite module to load extensions (fix FS#22122)

  # FS#23997
  sed -i -e "s|^#.* /usr/local/bin/python|#!/usr/bin/python2|" Lib/

  sed -i "s/python2.3/python2/g" Lib/distutils/tests/ \

  # Ensure that we are using the system copy of various libraries (expat, zlib and libffi),
  # rather than copies shipped in the tarball
  rm -r Modules/expat
  rm -r Modules/zlib
  rm -r Modules/_ctypes/{darwin,libffi}*

  # clean up #!s
  find . -name '*.py' | \
    xargs sed -i "s|#[ ]*![ ]*/usr/bin/env python$|#!/usr/bin/env python2|"

  # Workaround errors after we touched the shebangs
  touch Include/Python-ast.h Python/Python-ast.c Python/opcode_targets.h

  # FS#48761
  patch -Np1 -i ../descr_ref.patch

  export OPT="${CFLAGS}"
  ./configure --prefix=/usr \
              --enable-shared \
              --with-threads \
              --enable-optimizations \
              --with-lto \
              --enable-ipv6 \
              --enable-unicode=ucs4 \
              --with-system-expat \
              --with-system-ffi \
              --with-dbmliborder=gdbm:ndbm \


  LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${srcdir}/Python-${pkgver}":${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} \
    xvfb-run "${srcdir}/Python-${pkgver}/python" -m test.regrtest -v -uall 2>&1 | tee log.all
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