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Date 2018-07-09.08:58:24
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Thanks, Terry.

I have doubt about "east asian width" support should be merged.
While I agree it is "better than nothing", it may make textwrap much slower.
But I didn't have courage to reject the PR.

Textwrap focused on ASCII and English-like (space separated) language.
"support unicode" is very hard problem.  We should consider about grapheme cluster (UAX29), east asian width (UAX11) (But utf8proc is better than UAX11), and line breaking algorithm (UAX14).

For wrapping text on terminal, some terminal emulators and multiplexers (e.g. tmux) implements much nicer algorithm.

I think 3rd party C extension based on algorithm used by tmux is best solution.
If someone really want this feature, please try it on PyPI.

I understand "want it in stdlib!". But text wrapping is very hard, complicated problem.  Since stdlib grows slower, and backward compatibility restrict us, I think it should be implemented in 3rd party library first.
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