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> This method [shuffle()] has a weird API. What is
> the point of passing a random function,
> ... I proposed to deprecate this argument and remove it later.

I don't care here.  This is a bug report.  Making backward-incompatible API changes does nothing to repair existing programs.

> ...
>  return [population[_min(_int(random() * total), total)]
>                        for i in range(k)]
> Why not using _randbelow() here? For speed


> Why not optimizing _randbelow() in this case? Like
> implementing it in C?

This is a bug report, not an invitation to redesign APIs and complicate implementations in non-trivial ways.  If you're keen on that, I suggest opening a different issue and writing the patch.

I'd personally oppose the API change (pointless thrashing), but it's possible the speed benefit of C acceleration of _randbelow() would outweigh the considerable downsides of moving code from Python source to C source.

But none of that is needed to "fix the bug" at hand, if - indeed - people still think it's worth fixing at all.  In the years that have passed since this started, I no longer do.
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