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Date 2018-06-22.22:19:24
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I am in favor of symlinks no longer being able to execute arbitrary code, however, I do think having them add to the path cannot be killed in two releases. Here is why:

1. Windows support for symlinks is still not automatic. In the creators update of Windows 10 (released March 2017), CreateSymbolicLink added a dwflag SYMBOLIC_LINK_FLAG_ALLOW_UNPRIVILEGED_CREATE. This requires the user to be in developer mode to work. CPython currently doesn't use this flag. (I will open an issue to add that in a moment). I worry that giving people little time to update will be troublesome.

2. All editable installs everywhere (AFAIK) and setuptools eggs (still somewhat common) use easy-install.pth to list where they are. I think breaking editable installs is a bad idea, as there is no clear solution for this. Also setuptools has a fair amount of work to do before it can replace egg installs.

So I think removing adding to the path will require much more thought and break a lot more code than removing arbitrary code execution.
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