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Author Deniz Bozyigit
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Date 2018-06-22.05:30:49
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Hi, thank you for looking into this. I'm aware that the shown patch is not the ideal solution and a mere fix to get my jupyter operational. 

An indication on a workable solution could be the _samefile function in shutil that wraps os.path.samefile:

def _samefile(src, dst):
    # Macintosh, Unix.
    if hasattr(os.path, 'samefile'):
            return os.path.samefile(src, dst)
        except OSError:
            return False

    # All other platforms: check for same pathname.
    return (os.path.normcase(os.path.abspath(src)) ==

I understand that the implicit platform differentiation that is done here (see the comment line) is not valid anymore since os.path.samefile is now available on windows systems. It seems that for a windows system the here implemented file name comparison could be workable (even moving it into os.path.samefile?), if the platform is identified correctly.
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