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Do any of the Windows experts know what "Override high DPI scaling behavior" on properties does?  Does it call SetProcessDpiAwareness?  It seems so. The answer would have implications for #33656 (which is about fixing this issue in IDLE, as Westly originally requested here).

This setting is on the popup when one clicks [Change high DPI settings] on the Compatibility tab.  Eric, there is a dropdown with 3 possible overrides.  Application (default), System, System [Enhanced].  Which one did you use?

In my experiments, 'Application has the same effect as SetProcessDpiAwareness(1), while 'System' is the same as SetProcessDpiAwareness(0).  I expected this from what I posted on #33656.

Since the properties settings may or not be correct for all graphics packages, but will likely be correct for all tk and tkinter apps, I think tkinter should perhaps be modified.  The question is whether SetProcessDpiAwareness(1) is correct (for tk and tkinter) for all monitors.  I suspect so but don't know for sure.
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