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Author rongarret
Date 2007-04-22.20:38:27
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Content fails on file-like objects created by socket.makefile when data exists in the file buffer but not in the underlying socket.

Here is code to reproduce the bug.  Run it, then point a web browser at port 8080 and observer that select times out indicating that no input is available even though input is still in fact available.


from SocketServer import *
from socket import *
from select import select

class myHandler(StreamRequestHandler):
  def handle(self):
    while 1:
      sl = select([self.rfile],[],[],1)[0]
      print sl
      l = self.rfile.readline()
      if len(l)<3: break
      print l,
    print>>self.wfile, 'HTTP/1.0 200 OK'
    print>>self.wfile, 'Content-type: text/plain'
    print>>self.wfile, 'foo'

server = TCPServer(('',8080), myHandler)
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