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Date 2018-06-01.13:31:05
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Thanks! I'm a bit disappointed that it won't make it into 2.7, but I can understand the decision.

To give some context: I came across this while working on Kodi and noticing that it does not shutdown cleanly via Ctrl+C or SIGTERM. After investigating, I came to the conclusion that it is due to this bug. Kodi shuts down the Python interpreter every time no add-on is doing active work, which is almost guaranteed to happen shortly after application startup. Then this bug caused a reset of the SIGTERM handler to the default handler, making the Kodi handler that does a clean shutdown useless.
Now there are plans to switch to Python 3 in Kodi, but it won't happen until the major release after the next, so we're stuck with 2.7 for some time. I guess we'll have to work around this in Kodi for the time being.
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