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Date 2018-05-24.02:10:52
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Super list.  It made the diff really easy to parse into related changes.  I printed it, reviewed code for items one by one, made a few changes, and checked them off when satisfied.

IDLE *does* (sort of) allow tabs.  One can read a file with tabs or Format => Tabify.  Config-main.def still has 'use-spaces= 1' and I believe it is still read and acted on, at least in some places. (This is, of course, untested.) The option to turn it off on the dialog has been removed, but I believe it still could be turned off by hand-editing .idlerc/config-main.cfg.  Of course, since 3.x rejects mixtures, beginners should expand tabs before editing existing files.

I have thought about possibly reviewing the tab situation, but in the absence of people having problems with the status quo, it is very low priority.  Maybe after 3.8 and the end of 2.x support.
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