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Another note: we also prefer relatively small samples, the code in is quite large.

The reason to want a small example for this issue is that this would make it easier to check if the problem is on the Python side or on the Tk side (e.g., this might just be a problem in the macOS port for Tcl/Tk and therefore not something we can fix in the tkinter codebase).


And as this an issue involving Tkinter on macOS:

* What version of macOS are you using? "Is fully patched" the latest High Sierra?

* Which variant of the Python 2.7.15 installer did you use? 

  There are two different ones: a 32-bit/64-bit installer 
  and a 64-bit only installer.

* Did you install ActiveState Tcl/Tk (check if there is a Tk.framework
  in /Library/Frameworks)? If so, which version?
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