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Date 2018-05-03.01:35:54
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I reproduced the error on installed 2.7.14, running tk 8.5.18.

I ran 15 times on 64-bit Win10, installed x64 3.6.5, with tk 8.6.8, and experienced no crashes. I ran it another 10 times with 32-bit repository 3.8 debug and no crashes.  My conclusion: this is at least partly a tcl/tk issue fixed in current tcl/tk.

"this would affect any branch if built with nonthreaded Tcl."  If python is delivered (on Windows and Mac) with 'threaded tcl' and rebuilding with 'nonthreaded tcl' causes a problem with tkinter, then one should not do that.  In practice, essentially no one does so.

Serhiy, do you know what type of tcl/tk is distributed on Linux?
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