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Author Michael.Felt
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Date 2018-04-25.14:54:41
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On 15/04/2018 07:56, Ned Deily wrote:
> Ned Deily <> added the comment:
> Thanks for the report and the good detective work!  I see the same results.  It appears that the error was introduced by c5ae169e1b73315672770517bf51cf8464286c76 for Issue26439.  It looks we need both a fix and a test for this.  This really needs to be fixed for 3.7.0b4.

Perhaps he can give a bit more info. I do not understand how this could 
break things, as the darwin code is earlier in the queue.

if == "posix" and sys.platform == "darwin":
     from ctypes.macholib.dyld import dyld_find as _dyld_find
     def find_library(name):
         possible = ['lib%s.dylib' % name,
                     '%s.dylib' % name,
                     '%s.framework/%s' % (name, name)]
         for name in possible:
                 return _dyld_find(name)
             except ValueError:
         return None

if sys.platform.startswith("aix"):
     # AIX has two styles of storing shared libraries
     # GNU auto_tools refer to these as svr4 and aix
     # svr4 (System V Release 4) is a regular file, often with .so as suffix
     # AIX style uses an archive (suffix .a) with members (e.g., shr.o,
     # see issue#26439 and for more details

     from ctypes._aix import find_library

elif == "posix":
     # Andreas Degert's find functions, using gcc, /sbin/ldconfig, objdump
     import re, tempfile

     def _findLib_gcc(name):

As I understand the code above (and maybe I am wrong) - the code should 
be calling the unchanged routines in the macholib subdirectory. A simple 
test on macOS would be to comment out the two lines

if sys.platform.startswith("aix"):
     from ctypes._aix import find_library

That will "delete" the AIX find_library logic.

In other words - can someone check whether the unchanged 
Lib/ctypes/macholib/* files are being used? And if not, then something 
surprising is preventing that. If they are - no idea how the macholib 
code got effected by this. The goal was to have all changes in the file, rather than in

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