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Date 2018-04-08.04:48:44
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Some notes from my investigation of bpo-33185 that seem more appropriate here, rather than on that issue:

* several of the developer-centric utilities in the standard library have a shared need to be friendly to imports from the current working directory.
* timeit uses os.curdir, but could be switched to os.getcwd()
* pydoc uses a literal '.', but could be switched to os.getcwd()
* trace, profile, cProfile, pdb, doctest, and IDLE's pyshell all add the directory containing the file under test

Aside from switching pydoc from a literal '.' to os.curdir, I'm not going to change any of those (hence why I'm putting these notes here), but I wanted to capture this info in case does decide to follow through on a "less isolated than isolated mode, but still omits the current directory from sys.path" execution mode.
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