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Author Steven Noonan
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Date 2018-03-23.01:03:30
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The Windows 10 ARM64 release is out along with a bunch of ARM64 devices. This version of Windows has full support for building native Win32 applications (this isn't just some rehash of Windows RT). It also can run x86 (but not x86_64) apps under a transparent emulation layer.

I would like to see a native build of Python on Windows 10 ARM64.

I did some very basic work to get it compiling (add 10.0.16299.0 as DefaultWindowsSDKVersion, add WindowsSDKDesktopARM64Support property). But there's still a lot missing: ssl, tk, and ctypes don't build.

ssl/ctypes have some assembly that needs writing/porting.

tk has some kind of build failure with the newer Windows SDK:
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