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Date 2018-03-15.11:01:09
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Patched test_capi results for 2ebc5ce42a8a9e047e790aefbf9a94811569b2b6 (the global state consolidation commit): both pre-initialization tests fail

Patched test_capi results for bab21faded31c70b142776b9a6075a4cda055d7f (the immediately preceding commit): both pre-initialization tests pass

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner :)

Rather than reverting the options-related aspects of that change though, I think a nicer way to handle it will be to add a "pre-init fallback" path to those functions that stores the raw wchar_t data, and postpones converting those values to Py_Unicode objects until we need them in _PyInitialize_Core.

I'm not sure what to do about PySys_AddWarnOptionUnicode though: I think that's just outright incoherent as an API, since you need to call it before Py_Initialize for it to do anything useful, but we don't support calling any of the Unicode creation APIs until *after* Py_Initialize.
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