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Author ncoghlan
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Date 2018-03-14.11:45:17
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After reworking the patch to backport the pre-initialization embedding tests to 3.7.0a1, they *both* failed, as that was before Victor fixed Py_DecodeLocale to work prior to initialization again.

As a result, I tried in November, after the initial merge of the PEP 432 working branch, but just before the start of Victor's follow on refactoring to really take advantage of the new internal structures: double failure there as well. is the next point I checked (just before Eric's September changes to global state management), and it looks like we have a new chief suspect, as applying the attached "earlier-tree" version of the patch at this point in the history gives two passing test cases :)

Next I'll work out a git bisect run based on those two start and end commits and the "earlier-tree" patch, and attempt to narrow the failure down to a specific commit (probably tomorrow).

(Even without that bisect run though, the warnoptions changes in are now looking *very* suspicious)
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