Author mbenkmann
Date 2007-02-26.18:22:01
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When installing Python 2.5 on a completely Python-less system 'make install' failed. The error that caused the failure was

Compiling /usr/lib/python2.5/test/ ...
Sorry: UnicodeError: ("\\N escapes not supported (can't load unicodedata module)",)
Compiling /usr/lib/python2.5/ ...
make: *** [libinstall] Error 1

'find -name' showed me that the library did not exist in the build tree. However, after a 'make -i install' to force make to continue despite the error, was there. So apparently the library is not built until a later stage of make install. And indeed, subsequent 'make install' calls without -i were successful. 

It is important to note that if you have a previous Python installation (at least of the same version), 'make install' will go through, because it'll load the library from there. So if you want to reproduce the issue you will have to install from a freshly unpacked tarball on a system with no Python installation.

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