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Yeah, I also see it with 3.6.4.
I wanted to try 3.7 to see if it's fixed by chance.

Otherwise I may have to start digging deep into compilation logic.

Looking here:

More specifically here:
it looks like 2 byte-codes are inverted

build1: 00007f80:​·​0100·​003e·​0200·​0000·​72b6·​0000·​0072·​b500·​·​.​.​.​>.​.​.​.​r.​.​.​.​r.​.​
build2: 00007f80:​·​0100·​003e·​0200·​0000·​72b5·​0000·​0072·​b600·​·​.​.​.​>.​.​.​.​r.​.​.​.​r.​.​

72b6 and 72b5 like to swap positions sometimes.
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