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Date 2018-02-20.23:33:06
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StringTranslatePseudoMapping (Mapping) is an awkward and not very descriptive name.  It is similar to collections.defaultdict except that it uses a default value rather than a default factory.  The latter is so defaults can be mutables.  Would a subclass of similar to defaultdict be faster?

Unlike, defaultdict, the initialized default is used in get as well as __getitem__.  This means that STPM.get ignores a passed-in default, contrary to the definition of Mapping.get.  The method override is not needed.

The internal self._get is only needed because it is called in both __getitem__ and get.  Without the get override, it's body (with 'self.' added, can become the body of __getitem__.  I suspect that this would make __getitem__ faster.  Test this.
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