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Date 2018-01-28.22:00:27
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If you guys think the old code is better in some way, feel free to revert the backport :-)

I'm -0 on undoing the backpport.  ISTM that of all of changes to 3.6, this is one of the safest and it has minor benefits of removing a small irritant and keeping the code in-sync.  IIRC, 3.6 dict order is only assured for CPython but not for the language spec as a whole, so this is arguably a CPython buglet or least a surprising and unexpected behavior.  

While my instincts say forward-is-better-than-scrambled, I don't care much either way.  The only way it affects me is that as an educator, the reversed order is a unnecessary distraction from live demos that show the locals dict.
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