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Date 2018-01-03.19:19:23
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On 24/02/2017 09:44, Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
> Michael Haubenwallner added the comment:
> Let's switch to github-based patches to discuss about:
> issue27435/2.7">
> For the library search path I prefer to use loadquery(L_GETLIBPATH), available via new _ctypes_aix module now, but also used with L_GETINFO in Python/dynload_aix.c already.

Back again - I could not find the _ctypes_aix you mentioned. github was 
new, and I had no time then. And what I saw in dynload_aix.c I did not 
understand. I was trying to emulate what I saw in the existing 
Lib/ctypes (i.e., resolve it in python code) rather than write code in C.

Clearly, you understand that path - I (still) do not. Obviously - making 
a library call is more efficient than making multiple subprocess calls.

I may be far enough along with git that I might be able to figure out 
how to "fetch" what you have on github as haubi:issue27435/2.7.

This may also be better, i.e., more efficient, ultimately, than what was 
merged via

Now that I have found your work - thank you for all the time you put 
into this last year!


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