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Date 2017-12-24.05:19:01
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Currently, functools.lru_cache implement own doubly-linked list.

But it is inefficient than OrderedDict because each link node is GC object.
So it may eat more memory and take longer GC time.

I added two private C API for OrderedDict and make lru_cache use it.

* _PyODict_LRUGetItem(): Similar to PyDict_GetItemWithHash() + od.move_to_end(last=True).
* _PyODict_PopItem():  Similar to odict.popitem().

Why I didn't implement C version of move_to_end() is to reduce lookup.
 _PyODict_LRUGetItem(key) lookup key once while
od[key]; od.move_to_end(key) lookup key twice.

I'll benchmark it and report result here.
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