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Author skn78
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Date 2017-12-21.20:06:42
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My OS version is Windows 7 x64.
I ran the script on the same computer, but with different versions of the python:

import socket
import platform

print('1) OS Info: ', platform.architecture(), platform.platform())
print('2) Python Info: ', platform.python_build(), platform.python_compiler())
print('3) TCP_KEEPCNT = ', hasattr(socket, 'TCP_KEEPCNT') )

Result for python 3.6.3:
1) OS Info:  ('64bit', 'WindowsPE') Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1
2) Python Info:  ('v3.6.3:2c5fed8', 'Oct  3 2017 18:11:49') MSC v.1900 64 bit (AMD64)
3) TCP_KEEPCNT =  False

Result for python 3.6.4:
1) OS Info:  ('64bit', 'WindowsPE') Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1
2) Python Info:  ('v3.6.4:d48eceb', 'Dec 19 2017 06:54:40') MSC v.1900 64 bit (AMD64)
3) TCP_KEEPCNT =  True
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