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On 04/12/17 16:56, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
> Serhiy Storchaka <> added the comment:
> Right, this is similar to how the JSR/RET pair was used in for calling the
> finally block.
> It seems the main drawback of duplicating of the finally code is not increasing
> the code size (which can be exponential in degenerate cases), but the problem
> with determining the boundaries of the finally block.

What exactly is the problem?
Why do you need to determine the boundaries of finally blocks?


> This is the first step. In the second step I'm going to get rid of dynamic
> PyTryBlock and instructions like SETUP_EXCEPT and POP_BLOCK. I think all
> necessary information can be determined at compile time and saved in an
> auxiliary structure, similarly as line numbers are saved in the packed
> co_lnotab array instead of be set by SET_LINENO instructions. Boundaries of
> finally block could be stored in the same structure. This will make try/except/
> finally virtually zero-overhead.

Fine, but it isn't necessary for this issue. The overhead of try/except 
is already quite low.

> Currently there is other problem with Antoine's PR (I didn't know about them
> when made a review). There is a gap between calling the __enter__ method and
> the SETUP_FINALLY instruction. 

That wasn't a problem with the original patch.
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