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Date 2017-12-03.08:41:19
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Due to issue 32200, we switched on xelatex, it however did **not** fixed the french builds as expected, maybe because we're using an old version of xelatex.

The issue:

    ! Improper discretionary list.
    <recently read> }
    l.359 ...{PyObject} \PYG{o}{*}\PYG{n}{t}\PYG{p}{;}
    ! Emergency stop. 

The version of texlive-xetex on the build server: 2013.20140215-1ubuntu0.1

The version I tried: 2017.20171128-1

I'm not having the 2013 version on Debian. I'm trying now with 2014.20141024-2+deb8u1, and I'm trying to understand the error message too.
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