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Date 2017-12-02.18:49:07
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> Sorry, but I can't understand how 23df2d1304ece169d7e0dfc843dfb8026b413d9f could break getnode() on Android and how your changes can fix this. The only effect of this change is that an error in _random_getnode() no longer silenced. But this is not the case, because if _random_getnode() raises an exception you can't get two different results (you can't get even the single result) for comparison.

I concur.  Your test appears to be failing because it wants two successive calls to getnode() to return the same value.  But the proposed change doesn’t change the fact that if you fall back to _random_getnode() you’re going to get a different random value every time.  I think you need to look into the problem more deeply.  (It doesn’t help that the code swallows all exceptions from the other getters - I pointed that out in my previous PRs.  I’ll bet the clue to your problem is being hidden by that bare except.)
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