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Author akuchling
Date 2006-12-13.13:38:36
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By stat()'ing the directories, do you mean checking the mtime?  I think this isn't safe because of the limited resolution of mtime on filesystems; ext3 seems to have a 1-second resolution for mtime, for example.  This means that _refresh() might read a directory, and if some other process adds or deletes a message in the same second, _refresh() couldn't detect the change.  Is there some other property of directories that could be used for a more reliable check?

The attached patch implements checking of mtime, but I don't recommend applying it; it causes the test suite in to break all over the place, because the process modifies mailboxes so quickly that the mtime check doesn't notice the process's own changes.

I'll wait a bit for any alternative suggestion, and then close this bug as "won't fix".

File Added: mailbox-mtime.patch
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