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OP here, lurking.
The need to load server certificates from memory is quite real. Some seven
years ago I wrote custom code to handle that for CCPs python branch, and
contributed patches to that effect.
It's always dismaying to see how peoples efforts get bogged down by one
thing or another.  So, now there is a pep that prohibits this change?  Fun

2017-11-30 12:03 GMT+00:00 Christian Heimes <>:

> Christian Heimes <> added the comment:
> I'm working on a PEP that builds on top of PEP 543 and addresses some
> issues like IDNA #28414, OpenSSL/LibreSSL compatibility, hostname
> verification, verification chain, and TLS 1.3. As part of the PEP
> implementation, I'll add a certificate class.
> I don't to introduce yet another way to load a certificate. The C code is
> already complicated enough.
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