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The first two bugs ("foo/dir?baz" and "foo/dir?baz/") were solved by Issue 23112. The third (".../foo.html/") was solved by Issue 17324.

That leaves the fourth complaint, which I don’t understand: ‘translate_path() does not handle initial "."/".." on non-Posix systems’.

As far as I know, in 2010 (and still in 2017) the only non-Posix system Python supported was Windows. But Windows has os.curdir = "." and os.pardir = "..", just like Posix.

There is a quirk where requests like “GET .” and “GET ../path” will retain the dots after passing through “posixpath.normpath”. If there was a platform where a single or double dot was a legal file or directory name, the server will access the corresponding file or directory in these cases. But this does not seem like a problem.

I propose to close this, unless there really is a bug with non-Posix systems.
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