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"Victor, I think you're fundamentally misunderstanding the goals of PEP 432. The entire point is to let people have a *mostly working Python runtime* during CPython startup. (...)"

While the PEP 432 is nice, all changes are currently done in private APIs, symbols starting with _Py. I would prefer that nobody uses these new APIs before the conversion is complete. And from what I saw, I can say that the conversion just started, there are still a lot of changes that should be done.

While having _PyRuntime.mem is nice to have in the long term, it doesn't add any value *right now*, except of making the existing C API harder to use.

I would prefer to do things in this order:

* Revert _PyRutime.mem
* Finish PEP 432 implementation
* Recreate _PyRutime.mem

Maybe we can complete these 3 steps before Python 3.7, but I'm not sure about that.
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