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Date 2017-11-21.06:13:46
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I'm hesitant to suggest adding yet-another-option to any subprocess API, but I'm thinking it may be worth it in this case.

The idea is to make it possible to replace:

    result =, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)


    result =, capture_output=True)

That way, it would be possible for the raw stdin/stdout/stderr parameters to be treated as low level implementation details most of the time, since the most common configurations would be:

    # Use parent's stdin/stdout/stderr
    result = 
    # Use pipe for stdin, use parent's stdout/stderr
    result =, input=data)
    # Use parent's stdin, use pipe for stdout/stderr
    result =, capture_output=True) 
    # Use pipe for stdin/stdout/stderr
    result =, input=data, capture_output=True)
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