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Date 2017-11-20.21:28:36
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(see the python-dev thread [1])
(related: issue #32086)

When I consolidated the global runtime state into a single global, _PyRuntime, calls Py_DecodeLocale() started to break if the runtime hadn't been intialized yet.  This is because that function relies on PyMem_RawMalloc() and PyMem_RawFree(), which rely on the raw allocator having been initialized as part of the runtime (it used to be intialized statically).

The documentation for various "Process-wide parameters" [2] explicitly directs users to call Py_DecodeLocale() where necessary.  The docs for Py_DecodeLocale(), in turn, explicitly refer to calling PyMem_RawFree().  So changing the pre-runtime-init behavior of Py_DecodeLocale() and PyMem_RawFree() is a regression that should be fixed.

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