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Date 2017-11-12.11:40:07
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My impression is that you've been arguing that my changes don't go far enough (i.e. you'd prefer full reversion to the pre-2.7 behaviour), not that the status quo is superior.

My PEP covers both why I think the status quo is problematic, and why I no longer think full reversion would be a good idea (even though that was my original suggestion on python-dev). It also presents a list of additional known problems with the status quo that this particular PEP doesn't even attempt to address (although it does note some related possibilities for follow-on work if anyone is so inclined).

If you (or anyone else) would like to make the case for an alternative approach, then you either need to persuade Guido that the status quo is superior to my proposal to add a new default filter setting, *or* present a competing proposal that he prefers.
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