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Regarding "Why not revert DeprecationWarning to behaving the same as FutureWarning?", the rationale is basically the one Brett gave on python-dev (which was a restatement of the one that led to the change in python-dev): it's genuinely annoying as a Python developer to get deprecation warnings in your terminal for things like mypy, pylint, flake8, pip, pipenv, etc.

So we've tried "DeprecationWarning ~= FutureWarning" up until 2.6/3.1, and found it overly noisy, mixing up output from the tool itself with warnings about the state of the tool's code.

Since then, we've tried "DeprecationWarning ~= PendingDeprecationWarning", and found that tilts too far in the other direction (especially with popular test runners being yet to follow unittest's lead and switch their default warning settings)

The PEP will thus propose a middle-ground that leaves FutureWarning and PendingDeprecationWarning alone (so folks can still choose those semantics if they prefer them), but tweaks the semantics of DeprecationWarning such that common app distribution techniques (the console_scripts and gui_scripts entry_points, zipapp, executable packages) will still leave them off by default.
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