Author baikie
Date 2007-01-06.15:24:51
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Aack, yes, that should be _next_user_key.  Attaching a fixed version.

I've been thinking, though: flush() does in fact invalidate the keys
on platforms without a file.truncate(), when the fcntl() lock is
momentarily released afterwards.  It seems hard to avoid this as,
perversely, fcntl() locks are supposed to be released automatically on
all file descriptors referring to the file whenever the process closes
any one of them - even one the lock was never set on.

So, code using such platforms could inadvertently be
carrying keys across an unlocked period, which is not made safe by the
update-toc patch (as it's only meant to avert disasters resulting from
doing this *and* rebuilding the table of contents, *assuming* that
another process hasn't deleted or rearranged messages).

File Added: mailbox-update-toc-fixed.diff
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