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Date 2017-11-05.14:06:34
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0fbab7ff8d2efd92e222fcc13c0aff0998c3c158 changed the semantic of PyTraceBack_Print and sys.tracebacklimit. It no longer match the documentation and the behavior of the traceback module. Setting sys.tracebacklimit to 0 or less no longer suppress printing tracebacks in PyTraceBack_Print(). Setting sys.tracebacklimit to None (as at shutdown stage) no longer makes PyTraceBack_Print() using default limit, but suppress printing tracebacks and sets a TypeError without returning failure from PyTraceBack_Print().

The proposed PR restores the initial purposed semantic and fixes several other bugs in PyTraceBack_Print().

* Setting sys.tracebacklimit to 0 or less now suppress printing tracebacks.
* Setting sys.tracebacklimit to None now causes using the default limit.
* Setting sys.tracebacklimit to an integer larger than LONG_MAX now means using the limit LONG_MAX rather than the default limit.
* Fixed integer overflows in the case of more than 2**31 items on Windows.
* Fixed output errors handling.
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