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Date 2017-11-04.22:32:30
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blocksize is hardcoded to 8192 in send() and _read_readable(), preventing
efficient upload when using file-like body.

Users of the module that are not interested in chunked encoding can rewrite
the copy loop using HTTPConnection.send():

   conn = HTTPSConnection(...)

   while True:
       chunk =*1024)
       if not chunk:

But fixing send() to use a configurable blocksize seems more useful.

Also, users of requests do not have access the underlying connection, so
they cannot use preferred buffer size.

When reading from /dev/zero and uploading to server that drop the received
data, larger buffer size gives 3X more throughput *and* 1/3 of cpu time.
With real storage and network, the effect will probably be much smaller.
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