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Currently, the main question on my PR 4089 was raised by Antoine Pitrou:
"Do people have to provide aligned_alloc and aligned_free? Or can they leave those pointers NULL and get a default implementation?"

My reply: "Currently, you must provide all allocator functions, included aligned_alloc and aligned_free. Technically, we can implement a fallback, but I'm not sure that I want to do that :-)"

I'm not sure about that. I can imagine platforms which provide a special malloc/free and that's all: no calloc, posix_memalign or _aligned_malloc(). But is Python suppose to fills the holes? For example, implement calloc() as malloc()+memset()? Or is the user of the PyMem_SetAllocator() API responsible to reimplement them?

In Python 3.5, we added the requirement of a working calloc().

In Python 3.7, should we also add the "aligned alloc" requirement?

In case of doubt, I prefer not to guess, and leave the decision to the caller of the API: require all functions to be implemented.

I'm not sure that it's a good idea to provide a "aligned malloc" fallback if such fallback would be inefficient. For example, we would have to overallocate the memory block not only for the requested alignement, but also allocates extra sizeof(size_t) bytes, *in each* aligned memmory block, to store the size of the alignment itself, to recover the original pointer... to finally be able to call free().

An aligned memory block would look like: [AAAAA SSS DDD...DDDDDDD] where AAAAA are bytes lost for alignment, SSS bytes storing the alignment size (size of "AAAAA" in this example), and "DDD...DDDDDDD" would be the actual data.
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