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Date 2017-10-18.10:08:54
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On 18.10.2017 11:45, STINNER Victor wrote:
> Marc-Andre, Ethan: What do you think of removing the deprecation warning from the C (my last commit), leave the deprecation warning in the documentation, and modify time.clock() to become an alias to time.perf_counter()?
> By alias, I really mean time.clock = time.perf_counter, so time.clock.__name__ would say "perf_counter".

That's what I think would be a better solution, since the
absolute value of time.clock() is never used, only the difference.

If you then get better accuracy in that difference, things
can only get better, so this is not really backwards compatibility
issue (nothing gets worse).

Not sure whether the function name would cause an incompatibility
issue. I doubt it, but if it does we could have time.clock()
as function which then simply calls time.perf_counter().
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