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Author ishcherb
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Date 2017-10-04.15:42:47
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The newly added `test_huntrleaks` test is failing on Python 2.7.14 debug build with COUNT_ALLOCS.

FAIL: test_huntrleaks (test.test_regrtest.ArgsTestCase)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/builddir/build/BUILD/Python-2.7.14/Lib/test/", line 511, in test_huntrleaks
    self.check_leak(code, 'references')
  File "/builddir/build/BUILD/Python-2.7.14/Lib/test/", line 489, in check_leak
    self.assertIn(line2, output)
AssertionError: 'test_regrtest_huntrleaks leaked [1, 1, 1] references, sum=3\n' not found in 'Run tests sequentially\n0:00:00 load avg: 0.63 [1/1] test_regrtest_huntrleaks\nbeginning 6 repetitions\n123456\n......\ntest_regrtest_huntrleaks leaked [93, 93, 93] references, sum=279\n1 test failed:\n    test_regrtest_huntrleaks\n\nTotal duration: 32 ms\nTests result: FAILURE\n[53092 refs]\n'

On Python 2.7.14 debug build *without* COUNT_ALLOCS the test passes fine, therefore I am not sure if there is a leak detected, or is it just COUNT_ALLOCS messing with the test and it should be skipped.
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