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I can see inconsistency in library documentation around functions that are suitable for decorators. I'd like to clarify if it is based on my misunderstanding, or a real documentation problem.



Both staticmethod() and functools.lru_cache() are used with decorator expressions, while they have slightly different explanations.

The first one looks like just a usual function while the detailed explanations say it is used with decorator expression. The second one is what I don't understand; it says "@functools.lru_cache()", where the function name is "decorated" with @ in the doc. What does @ mean here? If there's some meaning, the next question is, why doc for staticmethod() 
 (and classmethod() in the same page) does not have it?

I don't know which is better, but I believe consistency is good. Some other examples :

-  -> @ here
- -> no @ here
- -> Old functools does not have @
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