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Date 2017-09-23.23:13:04
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I had an idea about this when I was working on the docstrings and the original patches.

I've attached a diff for the first step of my suggested patch.  I think you get the idea where I'm going with it, but I just call the same code that pyclbr uses to get the super class and reuse it functions.  Then I added a new value to Function called self.args, which is similar to self.super for Class.  I would still need to document it (obviously) and clean it up, but the new function _parse_args() is almost exactly the same as before, except that I've added a check for 'class' before seeing if it's already in the tree (line 298).

I've also modified _main(), so you can see the results from the command line.  (python

If you like this approach, then I'll look at it more closely to make sure it's correct and I'll modify the tests.
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