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Date 2017-09-21.17:24:57
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Two of the TODOs already listed, and 2 more found in review, have been done.  With these additions, I felt IDLE was ready for the 3.6.3rc1 and 3.7.0a1 releases last Monday.

#31502 Fix problem with deleting user themes and keysets.
#31480 Disable ZzDummy by default, change tests to match.
#31477 Improve rstrip entry in IDLE doc.
#31488 Make non-key options take affect immediately.  (Parenmatch required revision for this to happen for its option in existing windows.  The options were previously 'baked in' in the __init__ method.)

The following remaining to be done:
Grey-out code context toggle on non-editor windows.
#31547 Write augmented user keysets back to file.
Call each event_add(pseudoevent, sequence) just once.
Re-evaluate some of options.
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