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Date 2017-09-18.15:32:33
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The TkFixedFont initially used in Shell and editor has its size set to 10 if initially negative. Users can only replace this with a real font, not another of tk's abstract fonts.

On windows, the sizes of the nearly 20 fonts touched by the patch range from 8 to 12.  So no possible regression there.  If the sizes on Linux were in the range -8 to -12, then the effect is to replace the size with numbers around 10 instead of exactly 10 (as IDLE currently does).  But from what you said on the patch, the negative numbers are not exactly the negative of their real size, but are tuned for positioning.

Cheryy, Louie, and Ned: the patch needs to be test on multiple *nix machines, especially on OSX, to make sure it does not mess up on standard monitors.  A quick 'git pr 3639' and 'python -m test.test_idle' would be helpful.
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