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Are you running on Linux or Mac?  What tk version?

About the 'invalid command name' message: PR3622, patching idlelib.codecontext, merged to master 13 hours ago, fixed this for me on Windows.  (It added CodeContext.__del__.)  Did it fail on your machine or was it not yet merged on your machine?

About the test failure.  Hs is a Text with about 14 lines.  The test initially executes
hs.bbox(start) means that the tag start is not visible,  which should realistically not be possible.  But a quick web search suggests there have been problems with HiDPI and tk, and hence tkinter.

I am curious what value of start fails.  Could you run once with 'print(start)' added above bbox(start)?

Does inserting the following just before hs.bbox(start) fix the issue?
If not, we can skip.  Does the following print one or multiple skip messages?
            x, y, dx, dy = hs.bbox(start)
        except TypeError:
            self.skipTest(f'bbox failure with start {start}')
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