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Date 2017-09-04.22:15:07
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I've turned intermixed.patch into a PR.  I tweaked the documentation so that it does not refer to the details of the implementation.  I tweaked the implementation to have the 'try' start before the code that modifies the state, and did the line wrapping to <80 columns.

I have one concern about this patch: parse_intermixed_args doesn't support all of the argparse features.  It feels to me like it is worthwhile to add anyway, and maybe someone will figure out how to support more features later.  But I'd like at least one other committer to concur :)

Given concurrence I'll add news and what's new entries.

paul.j3: I'm trying to review argparse patches during this core sprint week, so if you have anything in particular you want me to focus on, please let me know.
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